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Naphtha: in some stations they no longer accept credit cards

November 1, 2018 - By Joseph Taylor

In the middle of the economic crisis, in several service stations credit card payments are no longer accepted, assured the president of Confederation of Entities of the Trade of Hydrocarbons and Allied (CECHA), Carlos Gold.

“In the face of successive increases (of costs), the card payment is only charged after 28 days (…) Many service stations stopped accepting them,” the leader told Radio La Red.

On the other hand, Gold said that “the oil companies are not going to lower” the prices: “YPF recently in New York celebrated the quotation on the Stock Exchange and said there was a 5% delay and 15% in diesel.”

All this in a scenario in which, due to inflation and recession, “the general consumption of fuel went down” and there were already “some dismissals” in the sector, although the latter is not yet “a phenomenon”.

On Thursday, the CECHA had said that fuel consumption in September registered the worst indicators in several years, with a year-on-year decrease in gasoline and diesel sales of 6.65% and monthly of 10.2%.

There was also a collapse against the same month of last year in the offices of premium naphtha of 27.5%, of gasoil of 7.84% and of super naphtha of 4.95%.

“Until now, people have been restricting product quality, migrating from premium to super, that’s why overall demand remained relatively stable,” Gold explained. But in August and consumption began to fall, boosted by three increases above 10% in September.

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