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Nine free applications to organize your night out

November 6, 2018 - By Joseph Taylor

What do we eat? Where do we go? Which bar is better? What are we going? They are one of the many questions that we usually ask ourselves when we want to organize an exit or to get together with friends, family and even a couple, mainly if we live in big cities like Buenos Aires. For example, according to the Clarín Government Control Agency, to date there are a total of 424 bars, breweries and cafes enabled, along with 307 freed to use, generating a total of 731 places to go in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires .

To anticipate the bar or the bowling
If you dine at home or have a drink before choosing a place to spend the night, there are some interesting free apps such as Orders Ya or Rappi, ideal when you do not want to cook, go to the supermarket or the kiosk for food or drinks. Rappi, Colombian delivery app that came this year to the country (available so far in Palermo, Cañitas, Recoleta, Retiro, Puerto Madero and downtown) for Android and iOS, allows you to order in restaurants and fast food places and even supermarkets, paying cash or card. In addition, it has a large section of drinks with good discounts and special promotions.

An interesting fact: new users of Rappi can download the app and use the codes of other users or recognized influencers (only in the first order), to receive “RappiCréditos” and, in this way, settle orders or shipping costs. Also, paying a minimum monthly subscription activaás “RappiPrime”, for free shipping and special discounts. Finally, the application gives “RappiCréditos” in special hours (lunch, snack, dinner, weekend) to use in a lapse of time and pay for an order.

On the other hand, Orden YA, which has more years in the Argentine market, has a business model similar to Rappi, with the benefit of having more places open late, even after midnight. It can be ordered in restaurants, supermarkets and has a section of drinks (until 00:00 hs, by law) and pharmacy. The good thing is that, unlike other apps, some of the deliverys are free. It also has aggressive promotions for special dates (Friend’s Day, Cyber ​​Monday, soccer matches, among others), in addition to promos of alcoholic beverages, snacks or snacks.

After office and night outings
Google also thinks about this to help you. A very useful feature in the Google Maps mobile app is group planning. On the map, you can select a place to add it to a restricted list (the small floating bubble on the side of the screen) and, once you have selected those places, you can share them with a list of friends on any messaging platform. to add or remove additional places and vote where to go. The maps app, available for Android and iOS, also shows places to eat, drink; and has a redesigned “Explore” tab that offers recommendations for restaurants, bars and cafes around the world.

With a concept similar to Maps, GPS Birra is presented as an app designed for lovers of craft beer, available on iOS and Android. This free mobile app lets you search the map for the breweries and grower recharge stations closest to our location, showing a review of the place, score of the drink, food and even the variety and brand of beer available. In its latest updates, GPS Birra added slates live, with the detail of the factories that each spot has in tap; and also score if the online blackboard matches the one seen in the bar. In addition, you can check the “agenda birrera” with events, mark beers as favorites and see if the place accepts pets and is suitable for coeliacs.

Available in Colombia and Argentina, Preo is another of the interesting apps that Clarín evaluated, also available on iOS and Android. Besides allowing you to scan tickets and invoices from supermarkets, bars or restaurants, to add points and exchange them for prizes, the app offers different recommended places and promotions. For example, you can select the promo of a bar (it can be a 2×1, discount, among others) and redeem it by sliding to show it in the bar of that site and thus access the benefit. There are not only drinks, but also gastronomy in recognized

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