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More countries threaten Huawei ban as arrest clouds US-China ties

BEIJING: China’s official media came out all guns blazing on Friday in condemning the United States as a “despicable rogue” for facilitating the detention of Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, who is the daughter of the company’s founder . Meng is awaiting a court hearing on her bail application […]

China launches rover for first far side of the moon landing

BEIJING: China launched a rover early Saturday destined to land on the far side of the moon, a global first that would boost Beijing‘s ambitions to become a space superpower, state media said. The – named after the moon goddess in Chinese mythology – launched on a Long March 3B […]

Huawei ‘princess‘ becomes pawn in US-China trade row

SHANGHAI: As the daughter of the company‘s founder, was known internally as the “princess” of telecoms giant Huawei and possible heir to the throne, but now finds herself a pawn in the US-China trade clash. Meng, Huawei‘s chief financial officer, was arrested in Canada at the request of the United […]

China prepares mission to land spacecraft on moon‘s far side

BEIJING: China was preparing to launch a ground-breaking mission early Saturday to soft-land a spacecraft on the largely unexplored far side of the moon, demonstrating its growing ambitions as a space power to rival Russia, the and US. With its , China hopes to be the first country to ever […]

Thousands of Myanmar women forced into marriage in China: Study

BANGKOK: Thousands of vulnerable women and girls from northern Myanmar are being trafficked to China and forced to marry, a study said Friday, offering a rare look at an issue that grips the conflict-hit borderlands. China has around 33 million more women than men due to the decades-long one-child policy. […]

Chinese are taking the bull by the horns, kung fu style

BEIJING/JIAXING: Several times a week, kung fu teacher Ren Ruzhi enters a ring to spar with a bovine opponent around five times his weight and capable of killing him. Ren‘s mixing of martial arts and worries his mother, but the 24-year-old has never been hurt. Besides, he says, grappling with […]